Who we are

ScavaSoft is European full-service software development company, offering scalability and management of all stages of the project life cycle including consultancy, architecture, design, development, quality assurance and maintenance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional value to our partners by delivering outstanding quality software with speedy implementation at reasonable costs. To achieve this we focus on attracting the best talent and creating an inspiring and rewarding environment that drives our employees to exceed expectations.

Our Story

Born after years of cooperation between our partners, the company adopted their winning principles based on over 45 years shared experience in the development and management of software projects. At the heart of our approach is providing world-class bespoke software that continuously exceeds expectations by employing the latest technological innovations. Our greatest incentive is seeing our clients’ ideas turning into reality, hence, we offer thorough dedication during the project’s life cycle. Following the AGILE methodology, we offer flexibility, transparency and control over the development process to ensure seamless delivery and formation of long-term partnerships. We offer professional integrity, project management skills and high-level of personal responsibility that allows us to autonomously manage the project to successful completion.

Our Expertise

We are keen on working with large enterprises and enjoy sharing our experience with remarkable start-ups. We exist to provide our clients with the comfort to focus on expanding their competitive advantage and accelerate market growth. The full scope of our services facilitates redirection of time and resources from operational management to strategy advancements. Our solutions allow companies of diverse size and technological needs to enhance operational efficiency and agility, optimize costs and reduce risk.

Our Experience

We leverage the exceptional background of our founders with over 480 successful projects across diverse industries such as E-Learning platforms, Health Care, Real Estate and Financial Services. Our technological expertise and innovative solutions provide access to one of the most dedicated teams of developers while our tailor-made service ensures you can have the peace of mind knowing that we do things your way.

The Team

Over the years we realised that any challenge can be tackled if you have a great team. Meet some of our most experienced and motivated teammembers.


CEO / Co-Founder


CTO / Co-Founder


COO / Co-Founder


Marketing director


TL / Sr. Frontend Developer


Sr. Fullstack Developer

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From back end to front end. From on-premise to cloud. From monolithic to microservices. Covering industries like E-Learning platforms, Health Care, Real Estate and Financial Services. Using modern and best-in-class technologies.